Where’s Beangenie?

I’ve had several people asking me recently about this blog, and why I’ve not been posting to it. Am I OK? Have I, perhaps, moved? Decided to concrete over the garden in fury? Cover it in decking, maybe?

Tempting though the latter might be at times like this, when I have to collect all the hay from the great September strim – which, annoyingly for purposes of alliteration, happened in August this year – I have restrained myself.

Work. Just work.

Sorry to be boring (but pleased no concrete, decking or moving have been involved, and that I’m fine). Gardening has happened, too, which is another reason I’ve not been posting – what with work and weeding, there’s not been much time when I haven’t been brain dead and/or cooking, etc.,

or possibly overwhelmed by the heady scent of the lilies, which have been amazing this year.

I need to excavate the pots and sort them out, and this time I am not putting it off. It must be done. One, mind, has to be moved into the compost or just thrown out – a truly bizarre case of fasciation which gave me a lily with a flat, thick stem about 6cm wide and this strange flower head:

Weird, huh? I let it flower to see what would happen, and it’s definitely heading out. Anyway.

I’ve transferred my enthusiasm for sharing the garden regularly – well, partly: I still love blogging – over to Instagram, where I can be found as @katecelyn1. Garden pics, plus knitting, Wales, and even … work. Mind you, it’s difficult to take good shots of writing and editing. Plants are easier.

Even if your supposedly red Heleniums turn out to be yellow. Or orange.

There’ll still be posts here from time to time, of course. I can’t stop – and it would be lovely to see people over on the dark side. Well, Instagram is owned by Facebook, after all. Insert winky face and sarcasm font…


5 Comments Add yours

  1. lletty says:

    Pleased to read that all is well with you and garden. Look forward to more updates later in the year when time permits…until then keep working and enjoy life as it whizzes by too quickly!

    1. kate says:

      Fingers crossed (though we are about to tackle the big hedge, so all may soon not be so well, depending on the outcome of the usual argument). And thank you!

  2. Cathy says:

    One always wonders when bloggers go quiet for a time, especially a long time… 😉 I don’t ‘do’ Instagram so shall be waiting for the (very) occasional post here. Good to know all is well, albeit on the busy side!

    1. kate says:

      Nice to hear from you! Have a feeling it may be more than occasional, now I’ve started again… blogging and being addicted to it, discuss…

      1. Cathy says:

        Hmm yes, how many words have I got to write?!

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