Hello, and welcome to my blog…

I’m a freelance writer and editor in my everyday working life, specializing in non-fiction (especially food). I’m also addicted to a) gardening, often in the face of repeated disasters not unconnected to being on a windy Welsh hillside not far from the sea,* and b) almost any yarn-based craft known to man, woman or sheep. I have a knitting and spinning blog as well – which covers all sorts of related witterings, from archaeology to colour – at woolwinding.wordpress. All visitors welcome!


* But I can grow beans. Lots of beans. It’s just as well I like them.

NB: text and images are both subject to copyright – thanks!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hanni

    Nice to meet you! 🙂 Now I’d really like to see what types of crafts a sheep can turn out…bahaha…and glad you appreciate the wonder of growing (and eating) beans!

    1. kate Post author

      Nice to meet you too…

      I think sheep would do baaasketry, myself… (I must have been talking to too many five-year olds!).

  2. hillwards

    Hello, fellow windy-in-Wales gardener (as it were). Found you through Laura (Patio Patch)’s recommendation on her latest post, although I do intermittently do blotanical too. We’re re-establishing a small garden on a windy spot a couple of miles from the coast too. Look forward to reading more about your garden!

    1. kate Post author

      Hiya! Love your blog – and your deep pink aquilegia. Very envious. Will speak to mine firmly (they’re supposed to be that colour).

      Good luck with your wind – our storms are appalling (50-60 mph or thereabouts, eeek – but the bamboo holds), so I hope they’re not heading your way…

    1. kate Post author

      Hello too! Sounds as though you might have the same problems with wind and maybe with sea air (boy, does it carry).

      I chose ‘beangenie’ because the one thing I could be guaranteed to grow in this garden was beans – I can’t even do courgettes very well. Of course the next two years produced terrible bean crops. I think that’s what you call hubris. Hm.

      1. alderandash

        We’re a bit far inland for sea air, but boy can the wind blow! I had terrible bean crops last year – as did my mum in law who has been growing most of her own veg for 40 years, so we’re not alone. I do like ‘beangenie’ – now I can’t get the Bowie song Jean Genie out of my head!!


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