Meadow watch, end of June


I cannot believe how much the meadow changes in one quick month.

Mind you, it’s been an insane month in terms of weather. Insane. The temperature has varied from over 30 degrees one morning, to under half of that the next. The nights were either impossibly hot or you needed a blanket. The garden wasn’t struck on the variation, and neither was I (though at least I could access that blanket).

The wildflowers – and escapes – in the meadow have coped a lot better than I have, though. A Verbascum chiaxii album has suddenly appeared up near the bonfire site, which was surprising,

but then there are all sorts of things up here which are not supposed to be around – more Japanese bloody anemones, for instance. Sigh. And I certainly didn’t plant the feverfew which is all around the base of one of the ashes, either.

Or the campions.

At the beginning of the month I decided that the ox-eye daisies which I’d spent years hoping would appear – and which did appear, splendidly, in the last couple of years – had vanished. But they were just being shy, and they’ve been lovely.

So the meadow is coping. The veg patch seems to be hanging on in there too, though I’m not so sure about the people who work in it. Tea helps.

And the pollen, oh, the pollen. People like P., who has never had hay fever in his life, have been suffering. My asthma has been the worst for years, and set off my ear and balance problems. ARGH – here’s hoping that July is a bit more stable. And that I am, too. Please…


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  1. Cathy says:

    It’s intriguing to read what we each find acceptable in self-seeders. So far I am happy with red campion but I have started deadheading it periodically….! Hooe the weather becomes more amenable fot you in July

    1. kate says:

      I do some sekective ripping out, too. Ragwort, for instance…

  2. Anna says:

    Oh I’m pleased that those ox-eye daisies were just teasing you and being shy Kate. They are such pretty flowers. As a fellow asthma sufferer you have my sympathies. Very hot weather and sudden variations in temperature are not what is needed. Take care.

    1. kate says:

      It’s a really bad asthma year… and sinusitis… and BPPV. And, basically, I’m going to stay inside and the garden can do its own thing. More sudden variations due this week.

      Oh, all right, not. Just spent ages repotting lavender cuttings. Cough, sneeze.

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