Still growing – and still here!

Oh dear, so much time has passed since I promised myself I would blog more frequently and get back on track. All I’ve managed to do is feel guilty that I wasn’t doing either.

So while I am still stupidly busy I’ve decided to do some brief posts, and maybe the occasional meadow watch thing, rather than try and put together something long and researched and detailed at the same time as trying to edit books, write books and produce stuff for a makers’ pop-up shop over the summer.

Welcome to meadow watch for the start of June!

It’s astonishing how quickly the meadow goes from being a tapestry of primroses and daffodils to a tapestry of plantain spikes and dying-back daffodil leaves to a proper meadow, with different grasses and buttercups,

escapees from other parts of the garden which like it up here,

insane surprises,

and soon the effect of cutting paths is at its most pleasing,

and then it warms up, and the old bench at the back is a perfect place to sit with a cup of tea / glass of chilled fino / manuscript for marking up. And then it rains…

Back soon – promise!



14 thoughts on “Still growing – and still here!

  1. VP

    I think we have the same garden bench! I must examine yours more closely the next time I’m down your way. This would have been a perfect post for my #mygardenrightnow project for Chelsea Fringe if you’d known about it. Loads of people are posting pics of their garden on various parts of the interweb this weekend and then heading off for a virtual peep over everyone’s fences 🙂

    1. kate Post author

      I must get out more, even virtually (but am spending this weekend with a wine book I’m editing – rats)…

  2. croftgarden

    Don’t feel guilty, sometimes there just isn’t the time to blog – before I can sit on the bench we have to build it, but can’t do that until we’ve build the new shed and moved the fence!
    Still nice to know you’re still around and enjoying the garden.

  3. Julieanne

    The beauty of blogging is you blog when you can, so don’t feel guilty. I love your path through the meadow – I want to walk through it.

    1. kate Post author

      I suppose you’re right – but I’m good at guilt! I can’t believe how quickly the neadow is growing this year – some parts are already almost waist height. Odd year all round…

  4. Cathy

    Yes, good to hear from you, however infrequently! Love the path through the meadow too. If we did a poll on bench-sitting, I wonder how many of us do – or sit for more than a few minutes before jumping up to tweak or snip.. 😉

        1. kate Post author

          It’s a pity you can’t get collapsible canes. They’d be useful (mind you, in today’s weather I susoect many of my canes are beung collapsible).

        2. Cathy

          Ones that fold up and go in your pocket…? Hmm, well you can get collapsible walking canes, so why not…?! 🙂

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