I am officially sulking.


This magnificence is not mine. It could have been mine, but this is the one of the two Amaryllis bulbs I bought at a garden centre which I gave away, as a Christmas gift, to my ex-neighbour.

Mine was – well, not like that. it had a flower spike, oh yes, but on a five-inch stem. The only possible explanation I can come up with – apart from black magic, curses and pique – is that my ex-neighbout grows his in an exceptionally warm conservatory (average January temperature, sans heating, of over 80 degrees), whereas mine has to survive in my kitchen (average January temperature, er, not over 80 degrees). But I’m still sulking.

That may stop, though, because mine (like his) is throwing up another flower spike. We shall see. But I do maintain that this is an excellent argument for buying a specialist bulb and potting it up yourself rather than relying on Aldi. Maybe…and next year I shall see if I can get him to nursemaid mine for a bit. At least until the Spring Show. That’s not cheating, is it?


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  1. Pauline says:

    No, of course it’s not cheating! They are wonderful bulbs, the flowers are so amazing and huge, there is really nothing else like them.

    1. kate says:

      They are stunning, aren’t they? I’m definitely going to have to bribe my ex-neighbour… He also waters his more than I do, but then he’d have to. Wonder if I’m not watering it enough?

  2. leafencounterwp says:

    I prefer them on shorter stems – I’ve grown a couple and the taller ones have been known to collapse! An even bigger “Grr!” than short stems, methinks! But I’m not good at indoor plants. Ask my orchids that I’m trying to persuade to re-flower.. managed it just the once. Hrrrrrumf indeed!

    1. kate says:

      I can do that with orchids too… I’ve got one on the kitchen wondowsill that I’m trying to ptretend isn’t actually dead. Hm.

      Perhaps it’s time I admitted that indoor plants aren’t really my thing either. At least, not here.

  3. Spade & Dagger says:

    The last time I grew Amaryllis, I got so fed up of them under-performing on the kitchen window ledge that I dumped them outside into a cold frame (in SE England) & left them there for years to perform beautifully, thriving on general neglect and only the very occasional guilt-ridden care package of food, water & a new pot.

    1. kate says:

      You are really, really tempting me…

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