Shattered… and a party


Agh! Been soooo busy, what with one thing• and another••, that I’ve barely been in the garden. This is probably just as well as the lawns are almost liquid and the beds are covered in dead leaves and ‘donations’ from Next Door’s Cat. And they’re almost liquid too. But I will be back, very shortly.

In the meanwhile, it’s the Garden Club’s Christmas bash tonight. It will be exactly like this:


only with more tupperware and a completely impossible photographic quiz about seed heads.

Back when I’ve recovered. This could be tomorrow, but I may take longer to surface after the shame of not recognising something like an agapanthus.

*Big professional craft fair in Harlech. Am one of organisers, also exhibitor, didn’t move fast enough. Almost sold out.
**Deadline. Writing book. Done. Even the references.


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  1. On a bad day agapanthus can get past you, it happens to all of us…There is always something special about a party put on by gardeners.

    1. kate says:

      Special, and embarrassing (though I did spot the Melianthus Major, phew)…

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