Oh, what a garden – Plas Cadnant

I know, I should be tree following, but I forgot. Zooooomed up there for a quick look, not much change except fewer leaves. But I have visited the most lovely garden, and it has lots of trees in it, even if I’m not following them specifically…

Excuses, excuses. Understandable? Look at this:

Plas Cadnant 1

This is Plas Cadnant on Anglesey, just over the Menai Straits from Bangor. I had a business meeting, but since the web designer concerned also happens to be a keen gardener (hello, Janet aka Plantalicious, whose post on the day was considerably more prompt and rather more professional), guess where we decided to meet up? Guess how long we spent on business? Yup, about five minutes. Possibly less than we spent on cake. Certainly much, much, much less than we spent on the garden.

It’s stunning, and it’s right up my street, and I couldn’t (as is obvious) stop taking photographs. The planting, particularly in the less-wild parts of the woodland areas, is so intelligently unobtrusive and so much in harmony with the extraordinary setting that it blew me away. I also love ferns, which helps.


and rocks, and mosses, and silent pools reflecting the planting, and lichens…


Did I mention tree ferns?

tree ferns

Huge tree ferns. Tree ferns you can walk under easily.

Then there’s colour. Colour, bright in contrast with the formal planting:


autumn colours in the shade of the woodland,

baby leaves

and which are even more startlingly bright when backlit:

acer colour

I don’t know, I give up. Plas Cadnant almost left me speechless – suffice it to say that I upgraded my entry into a season ticket, and that we’ve already made arrangements to meet here at the end of October.

In the meanwhile – and do visit Plas Cadnant’s website as well as Plantalicious for more actual, real, hard information as opposed to the blogging equivalent of someone going ‘WOWZER!’ – here is a gallery of some of the things that had such an impact on me. Wonderful place.

PS: The cakes are pretty good too!


11 thoughts on “Oh, what a garden – Plas Cadnant

    1. kate Post author

      It’s so perfectly me I cannot think how I’ve not discovered it before – admittedly it hasn’t been open that long but still…

  1. leafencounterwp

    Oh, don’t start me raving about Plas Cadnant! I went for the second time last week, having discovered the place May 2014. And let me tell you, it was fabulous in the rain (May) as well as the sunshine (Sept). Definitely a garden I will go out of my way to re-visit. Extra bonus – scrumped some of the apples (well.. kinda scrumped… They were the ones that had already fallen to the path) Was gonna do my own post on the gardens but, I’m sure you’ll agree, photos just don’t do it justice.. Mine don’t anyway!

    1. kate Post author

      Another addict – so glad it’s not just me and Janet!

      I’m really loking forward to seeing it at different times of year, and in different conditions. I am glad, though, that I’d taken my walking boots just in case – they made me feel much safer in some of the woodland parts. Stunning, wonderful place!

  2. Janet/Plantaliscious

    *Happy Sigh* it is a sublime place. I was trying to take more notice of the sunny borders this time. I still took twice as many photos in the valley of foliage and moss than I did elsewhere of flowering plants. Though I do really love that persicaria used as edging…


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