Please last till the weekend!


It’s the garden club spring show at the weekend, and I’ve been neurotically monitoring progress of several things, especially


this, which I was given just after Christmas. It had actually been a gift to a friend, but she claims not have green fingers so much as brown fingers with yellowy bits and added rust spots.

So I got it. And its timing, I thought, could not be better.


I’ve been watching it like a hawk. I wasn’t quite sure what it was going to look like, despite the picture on the box (I’ve been fooled before), and the leaves are pathetic – about 5cm tall.

How can you stop an amaryllis from opening further?


I moved it to a cooler room, but all the buds are now open and it’s got to last another couple of days.

Next year I shall hedge my bets and get several, and not rely on the generosity of my weedy-fingered friends. Because I’ve moved it down again; I missed it too much.


Garden show, schmarden show, that’s what I say.

(I’ll change my tune by Friday night, especially as I’m helping with the stewarding…)

And in the meanwhile, I have a new friend in the garden. So far she’s eaten several daffodils, protected us from the Giant Hedge Monster, chased blackbirds, had a good go at the rhubarb until we shouted at her a lot, nearly strangled herself with her lead by jumping from a wall where she’d been tethered after the Rhubarb Incident, and killed a watering can stone dead after booting it all over the garden. And had a good shout at people who dared to walk past. Not bad for a couple of hours.


Her name is Jess, she’s an 11-month old red collie and she has more energy than anything else on the surface of the planet. She belongs to P, and will doubtless be appearing here regularly from now on. If her predecessor is anything to go by, that is. So far I cannot add using my garden as a toilet to her list of crimes, but I’m sure that time will come. I’d better get the dog treats in again…


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  1. Janneke says:

    Beautiful coloured Amaryllis, but I adore Jess. Collies are such an energetic dogs, love it and you can easily learn them to behave in the garden, especially the borders are a no go area. Wish you a lot of pleasure with Jess!

    1. kate says:

      She’s a sweetheart. Or she will be, when she calms down a little – it was only Day 2 in her new home, after all. A girl’s obliged to kill watering cans under those circumstances!

  2. Helen Johnstone says:

    My amaryllis are always very leggy and never look as dignified and beautiful as yours. Good luck with the show – is Karen in charge again this year?

  3. kate says:

    Karen’s away, she’s roped me in as a sub. I will be off the bench and covered in mud by 9am. Scary stuff… but at least I’m not judging. Just following the judge around.

  4. Pauline says:

    Hope your amaryllis lasts till Saturday, it is beautiful! You are going to have such fun with Jess as you get to know each other.

    1. kate says:

      It’s gorgeous – I always forget how much I like them…

      (Jess will be more fun when she SETTLES DOWN A BIT…)

  5. julia says:

    Good luck! Love the pictures of the unfolding amaryllis. Waiting with
    anticipation to see what happens next………..

    1. kate says:

      I’m keeping everything crossed… (and keeping an eye on some opening daffodils, hoping the deteriorating weather doesn’t damage them)

  6. Anna says:

    Good luck with the show Kate. Don’t do what I did – leave amaryllis on kitchen window sill, pull roller blind down vigorously and decapitate a flower! It didn’t look quite the same afterwards. Sounds as if Jess is going to enjoy being out and about in the garden. Maybe you could train her to help you with certain jobs.

  7. Dobby says:

    Hi Kate. Like the flower but love Jess! Hopefully P knows that daffodil bulbs are toxic to dogs.
    Good luck on Saturday. Am sure you will be fine.

  8. The leaves will grow after flowering. Jess is lovely in spite of having some bad habits at the moment

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