Arrival of the Big Yellow Thing


It could be daffodils, but it isn’t. SUN!

Yup, we’ve had sun. It’s even been quite warm. Ish. As long as you kept out of the wind. And the garden has basked in it. So, almost (ho, ho, it’s impossible) Wordlessly for Wednesday, here are some sunbathers:


1. The chionodoxas, which I adore. They’re not all out yet – every day I see more small blue spikes sticking up out of the grass – but the ones that are blooming are loving the weather. And, incidentally, the absence of the rowan tree which used to be above them. Hm.


2. The pulmonarias would look a lot better if they weren’t flowering n top of a great mound of salt- and wind-blasted leaves. But hey.


3. It’s not been a great year for the snowdrops; they were just reaching their best when the storms hit and blasted them to ******. But some have recovered, and some are late anyway. The rest will have another stab at it next year.


4. And it’s definitely spring because the primroses are coming out. Again, some got blasted (what didn’t?) but happily most were still below ground. Lots more to come, but it’s looking promising.


5. The wallflowers (brown and shrivelled leaves on one side only) are amazingly scented, as well as being beautiful. I nearly ripped these out last year as they had failed to flower for three years running. So glad I lost the impulse to tidy up before I committed wallflowericide.

of course

6. Crocuses. My river of crocuses below the cherry in the bottom garden is migrating northwards into the newest bed behind the Capel, and the ones I planted about three, maybe four, years ago under the apple trees have decided to reappear in bulk. Crocuses just love this garden. They even cope with the winds. Good!

I weeded this

7. Weeds. Yup, they’re back in force – but when they’re as cute as daisies, I have to forgive them a bit. And I do tend to take daisies for granted; they’re lovely things really. OK, not in the iris bed – but I don’t mind them on the paths. And if I minded them in the lawns I’d be mad as a mad thing by now. There’s a weak point in that argument somewhere…


8. Looking forwards – there are buds on all sorts of things, from this little saxifrage to the magnolia, and lots of tender new leaves. No more storms, please…

Goodbye sun –


and do come back soon!


14 Comments Add yours

  1. Pauline says:

    The sun over the last few days has made such a difference hasn’t it. Buds everywhere are fattening and opening.
    I haven’t noticed my chionodoxas opening yet, must go and have a look!

    1. kate says:

      Happy dance! Sunny again!

      Hope you found lots of chionodoxas – mine are turning into their usual carpet of blue with remarkable speed. I think I can hear them growing, but I’m sure I’m fooling myself!

  2. Christina says:

    Everything looks truly beautiful! You probably appreciate everything even more because of the wind blasting; it is amazing how so many things survived! Hope the sun shines again for you tomorrow.

    1. kate says:

      I think you’re absolutely right; I’d not thought about that. Sun still shining – I expect it is for you, too…

  3. Cathy says:

    One definitely notices that first hint of warm from the sun when it cames, Kate!

    1. kate says:

      I know, yippeeeeee – and today I’ve not needed my scarf in the garden!

      (Better not get too excited; I’m remembering 2012 when we had a mild March and an appalling summer.)

  4. wellywoman says:

    Gorgeous. Plants are remarkable really when you think what they have had to put up with over the last few months. Spotted flower buds on my wallflowers yesterday. The whole sense of anticipation at this time of year is hard to beat. Dull here today, sunshine would have been nice but, hey, at least it’s dry. 😉

    1. kate says:

      I know, I feel like doing a happy dance round the meadow (except I’d tread on the fritillaries, which are about 5cm tall). I can’t quite believe it’s sunny – I got so overexcited I even hung a wash on the line. Probably bringing about 40 days’ downpour.

  5. hillwards says:

    Brilliant. Sunshine makes such a difference. Our pulmonarias are looking distinctly scruffy too, but I can forgive that for their little bursts of colour.

    1. kate says:

      Oh, doesn’t it? And we’ve got some again today, despite overnight rain – I’m getting used to this!
      I tried to tug on the pulmonaria’s brown leaves, but it wanted to hang on to them, so I let go before I pulled it up. Oh well…

  6. Isn’t the weather fantastic! SO much easier to ignore all those salt blasted leaves when the sun is out and so are so many flowers. I am wandering around the garden grinning like an idiot on a daily basis at the moment, just admiring the new leaves, swelling buds, flowers… Shhh, don’t tell anybody, but my one remaining Christmas Rose has even started flowering! *happy dance*

    1. kate says:

      Unbe*******lieveable! Glad it’s not just me wandering about like Fotherington-Thomas from the Molesworth books – do you remember? ‘Hello birds, hello trees, hello sky…’

      1. Yes! That’s it exactly, albeit lots of “hello flower, hello bud, hello leaf…” Though we did lose the sea in the fog this afternoon…

        1. kate says:

          All day. Booo….

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