One shoot, two shoot

Three shoot, blue shoot:

Iris u

How beautiful is this? What a good way to cheer someone up who is busy doing their tax return. Er, who should be busy doing their tax return.

Just went down to the bottom of the garden (displacement activity, moi?) because I thought I’d seen some litter, and it wasn’t litter at all but a couple of these lovely Iris unguicularis, surely a candidate for the ‘most unpleasant-sounding Latin name for a beautiful flower’ award. They grow in the base of the big hedge at the bottom of the garden, and would do much better if I dug them up and moved them into full sun. However they are inextricably linked with the hedge, so I guess I’ll just have to get some more.

It’s quite possible that I don’t need more daffodils, but I like to fly in the face of common sense and anyway I always need more daffodils, and they’re beginning to stick their heads above the ground. They timed it rather well, so they didn’t get too badly trampled while we dealt with this:

poor trunk

though the rest will have to be chainsawed in situ, and pretty soon; the snowdrops are also beginning to appear and there’s a giant clump slap underneath it. I’ve decided that a new rowan be put in somewhere else completely and that a tamarisk (T. ramosissima rubra, if I can get it) will go roughly near the stump. The stump itself will be covered in netting and have a clematis grown up it, and the tamarisk will be kept under control. I needed something relatively light because the bed is full of scillas. In a few weeks. Really MUST move that trunk.

And I’ve even started clearing the mess left in some of the beds – it’s amazing what you will do when accounts threaten. I’m so glad I didn’t randomly hoick (yup, it’s definitely a word, even if the spellchecker disagrees) everything up without looking, because I found this:


I thought I’d dead-headed quite efficiently. I guess not.

And I also guess that this means there’ll be lots of poppies just popping up, but who cares? Well, me – a bit – as I’ve just ordered more seeds. I have, you see, a rough idea of what colours I want in the mad annual seed bed this year. Don’t know why I bother, really, it’ll do its own thing and hopefully look as fab as it did last year. But everything is beginning to grow on already; we really need a winter. I think the interior had winter yesterday (the hills were beautifully snowy, but not so snowy as to endanger livestock), but it’s ridiculously mild again today. Hmm.

Oh yes, this was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post. Hmm x 2. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


22 thoughts on “One shoot, two shoot

  1. Pauline

    Iris unguicularis are beautiful at the moment, so worthy of their space at this time of year. I would imagine you will have lots of beautiful colour with your poppy seeding around, this happened to me last year and they all looked wonderful!

    1. kate Post author

      Aren’t those iris a treat? I’ve only just discovered that they are also called the ‘Algerian winter iris’, which I will try to remember so I won’y be so surprised by their January flowering trick.

      Fingers crossed for the same poppy effect!

  2. VP

    Ha ha – I should be doing my accounts and tax return too, but blog commenting is much nicer than attacking the spreadsheet of doom and the website of hell 😉

    Love the iris – mine aren’t out yet, but I have a nice clump of snowdrops nodding away in the front garden. I can’t wait for the rest of them to join them, so the annual snowdrop count can begin.

    1. kate Post author

      I’m done, I’m done (smug expression), I’m done. For once not on the absolute deadline, too. Can’t believe it. Hope yours are coming along nicely!

      I must pop out and do a snowdrop count (easy right now – one, two, three, four… that should do it). I still can’t believe you count them all!

        1. kate Post author

          Llongifarchiadau – OK, aka congratulations!! I sincerely hope you’re going to spend it on wild living (when you get it). Or plants…!

  3. Jane Scunthorpe

    Win win situation !! Not litter needing to be picked up, but beautiful Irises ! What a welcome start to the new season! I walked down the garden yesterday saying ‘hello’ (sadly, that it true ! Literally!) to all the daffodils springing up.

    Do get a Tamarisk, I can highly recommend ! They are like a pink frothy milkshake i Spring!!

    1. kate Post author

      I’ve greeted the summer snowflake (which as usual is flowering now), but I haven’t spoken to my daffs. Mind you, most are too little to understand yet – I think they can only hear you when they’re about six inches tall….

    1. kate Post author

      Everyone I’ve actually shown the gap to has an opinion, but I shall IGNORE THEM ALL! (Since most are not really gardeners, ‘fencing’ has been a repeated opinion. No, no and no. First, it would blow down. second: NO.)

  4. angiesgardendiaries

    I agree, it’s your garden and you can plant what you like 🙂 Planting fencing isn’t nearly as enjoyable as digging a hole to accommodate something that grows.
    That’s a beautiful Iris – thank you, I’ve now got another plant on my wish list 😉 Good luck with getting all your little jobs done.

    1. kate Post author

      Plus, I hate fencing (I’ve suffered too much from its defects in the past – falling over, bending, bringing down plants, being the responsibility fo someone else who doesn’t care – to want to install any if I’ve got the option to do something else…

      I need to get some more of that iris too, and I always forget. Not this year, it’s gone on my list!

  5. Chloris

    I love Iris unguicularis, but it is an ugly name and I can never remember how to spell it. I wish it was still Iris stylosa that was easy. My favourite is Walter Butt, large, lilac, fragrant and the earliest to bloom, at least in my garden.

    1. kate Post author

      You can’t even say ‘unguicularis’, at least not without several runs at it (not you personally, of course, buy ‘you’ in a global sense). With you on that!

      (I shall investigate Walter Butt, sounds lovely.)

  6. Anna

    Yes we most definitely need a winter Kate – some good old fashioned frost and even snow. My hardy fuchsia has still to drop its leaves and round the corner to us there’s one still in flower. It’s not natural. Beautiful iris but would not have placated himself after he had completed tax return – alcohol was required. Good news though – he has been excommunicated and will not have to return one next year.

  7. hillwards

    Pretty iris indeed. This mild winter has rather confounded me, and with so many shoots appearing now I’m not sure how they will fare if snow and ice arrive!


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