Indisputably springy, and a wordless-ish Wednesday


Signs are everywhere:

starting scillas

Understated, but comprehensible to Those Who Know.

See what I mean?


In case you can’t work out what you’re looking at, this is my earliest clump of fritillaries, every year. Not long now!

(Providing the night-time frost isn’t too severe, that is… and providing nobody treads on them. Am building fencing.)


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  1. Exciting – I’ve been wondering about trying fritillaries in the grass in our back garden, the waterbutt connected to the shed overflows on to the area so it tends to be damp, they might rather like it.

    1. kate says:

      Go for it, sounds perfect! They might take a while to bulk up and buy more than you think you’ll need as mice love ’em. Fortunately Next Door’s Cat likes mice, which is just as well. I can always catch her and ship her in your general direction. Just offering.

      1. Hah! Being non cat owners our garden is a haven for at least three local felines, one of which seems to delight in mulching my borders for me while I watch. If even one of them redeems itself somewhat by eating mice in my garden too, I may not have to borrow BIL’s air rifle after all…

        1. kate says:

          I’m cat-free too, which is probably why I saw a completely new feline eyeing up the bird feeders this morning. It’s vacant territory. Apparently what I need is lion dung.

          I think not.

  2. Cathy says:

    I’m trying to build up clumps of fritillaries too, but it’s slow going – they are still not seeding themselves around, unlike the promiscuous ones in my Mum’s gravel drive 😉 Look forward to seeing yours in full flower.

    1. kate says:

      It’s really, really slow going, isn’t it? I’ve got one patch that they really love – like your mother’s drive – one they tolerate, and about fifty where they might come up if they feel like it (and if they’ve not been eaten). But each year I gain one or two more, so by the time I’m 250 years old my garden may be full of the tricksy little blighters…

  3. Dobby says:

    I have a few but need more. It didn’t help that they have been moved twice!! Will have to go up to the garden and investigate their patch for signs of life!
    My cat is a hunter (she was eating a mouse on the drive when Karen & Shedman came round the other week), so hopefully they won’t have been eaten.

    1. kate says:

      Yeah, they don’t like moving too much. My other patches aren’t showing much yet, so give it a week or so… Good for your cat, but ergh on the welcome…

  4. wellywoman says:

    I love fritillaries but don’t have anywhere that is damp enough for them unfortunately. I can understand your sense of anticipation. I spotted my favourite cherry tree on the way to my allotment is showing buds. I can’t wait to be reacquainted with it’s stunning blossom.

    1. kate says:

      I wish my frits were a bit more obvious, because we keep treading on them. I can indeed do damp, but I’m not sure how well they withstand being trampled….

      My cherry is out as well, but it seems to be alone so far. Am watching the others in the village closely!

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