Wet and wordless Wednesday

Almost wordless, as usual. Wet, soggy, damp, rainy – but at least it’s not snowy.





I am going to convert the entire garden into a bog garden. That’s the parts that are not converting themselves into a lake.

(Too damp for foxes, evidently – for the moment…)



17 thoughts on “Wet and wordless Wednesday

  1. Dobby

    I woke up to a dusting of snow this morning. At 7am at work, it was coming down hard and did so until mid day. Then it turned to rain. And it is still raining. Obviously.
    Dragons don’t like the rain, so perhaps it is hiding somewhere dry for now. I have the DVD of ‘How to train your dragon’. Do you want to borrow it?

  2. Janet/Plantaliscious

    Now a dragon with an umbrella would be worthy of note! Pretty photos of soggy flowers. Bah humbug to all the rain I say, though suddenly I am being promised 3 successive dry days… Dare I believe… Hope your fox spends so long looking for her galoshes that she forgets where you live!

    1. kate Post author

      I’ve been watching the forecast closely and I don’t believe a word of it. Dry weather? Pah. It will takes months of dry weather for my garden to dry out, so I think the welly-wearing fox will be happy for some time…

    1. kate Post author

      Things are supposed to be warming up a bit here – and though yesterday was bone-chilling in the morning it was almost balmy in the afternoon. Wet and almost balmy, but almost balmy.

    1. kate Post author

      They are the garden’s saving grace at this time of year – they really convince me that spring will happen and that soon I’ll be able to go outside in something other than 15 layers of clothing and wellies. Gradually removing layers, but the wellies stay…

  3. Christina

    Dull skies and rain are just sooooooooooo depressing, thank goodness for snowdrops and crocus to lift the spirits. I like the thought of a fox in galoshes, a smilely thought! Christina

    1. kate Post author

      With you on the fox, it’s all a bit Beatrix Potter! I must go out and check whether she’s been back – but yesterday was torrential rain, so even the most well-equipped fox should have stayed at home….

      Hooray for snowdrops indeed!

  4. Pauline

    Lovely photos, even with the rain, when will it stop I ask myself, do I need to build an ark?! There are so many jobs to do but just too wet to even think about doing them. The only thing to do is to go and enjoy the snowdrops, they don’t care if its raining. Shhhhh..the sun is shining today and its supposed to be dry!!!!

    1. kate Post author

      Thanks. Oh, the flipping rain! This constant wetness is ridiculous. Even the most normally free-draining parts of my garden are squishy underfoot – but at least I’m not a farmer, I hate to think what farmland must be like. Bog, mostly.

  5. Helen Johnstone

    I was considering a Japanese garden as I have a ready supply of moss!!!
    We had sunshine today for the first time in ages so I am hopeful for this weekend, hope things dry out for you soon

    1. kate Post author

      Now there’s an idea. The top garden can be a moss garden, the middle garden can be bog and the bottom can be the (small, I admit) boating lake. Maybe I make money in the summer by renting out pedalos to tourists…


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