Wordless(ish) Wednesday


I wish I could insert a perfume to go with this Viburnum as easily as I can insert an image:

You can smell it from the car park, and I’m not surprised.

It is covered in flowers. Admittedly many are battered, but they still scent the air for metres around.

Autumn colour extends to almost everything now,

and I leave as many seedheads on as possible. This agapanthus, for instance, looks amazingly graphic in snow. Not that I’m wishing for snow, mind.

And the lawns are still covered in leaves. Final cut next week.

I may complain about the weather (no, really?), but I am so glad to live somewhere with such an extent of seasonal variation. I am. I am. And I will remind myself of that in – oh, mid-February. When I’d much rather be in the Caribbean.


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  1. paulinemulligan says:

    I agree, the perfume is amazing, I can’t miss mine when I walk up the garden, the perfume is everywhere! Thank goodness too for our 4 different seasons, far more interesting, even when nature gets it wrong sometimes!

    1. kate says:

      Isn’t it wonderful! Maybe technology will advance and we’ll be able to add smells one day (but perhaps that would be unwise – ‘sniff my compost?’)…

      Looking back over a year’s photographs really brings home to you how wonderful the seasons are – it’s quite hard to get a perspective when you’e being rained on for 45 days straight… OK, exaggeration, I admit….

  2. Christina says:

    There is always a price to pay. We have good autumn weather (usually) with temperatures reaching 20°C and blue skies and night time temperatures are not so cold – nice but therefore littel autumn colour. Christina

    1. kate says:

      I think I could be tempted into exchanging colour for warmth (she said, sitting at her laptop in two layers and a scarf, and it’s not even that cold today). Or maybe not – it has been an impressive autumn.

  3. hillwards says:

    I still need to squeeze a winter-flowering viburnum in somewhere, only the nicotiana are still adding noticeable scent to our garden now, and I don’t tend to linger outside in the cold nights to appreciate it!

    1. kate says:

      Oh, they are really, really worth it. Mine seems to be in flower for ages, but right now it is absolutely covered. Now my nicotiana are almost completely scentless… swings and whatsits!

  4. Cathy says:

    I don’t think I have had the pleasure of a the fragrance/perfume/scent – SMELL of a viburnum like this before, so I am not exactly sure what I am missing but it clearly needs to be rectified. I shall to sniff one out!

    1. kate says:


      (You can probably smell a good one from several streets away – I had a not-so-near neighbour asking me about it when the wind was in the right direction. I had to go and sniff, because I was intrigued, and it was definitely the viburnum. My neighbour said she was ‘surprised my lilies were still out’ when she told me about it!)

  5. I’ve inherited a viburnum, never had one before. I love it, and am sorely tempted to plant another one by the path that leads to the compost bins. As to seasonal variety, I love it too, wouldn’t want it any other way. Although the rain, today, relentless and frequently horizontal, makes the idea of a tropical beach rather attractive…

    1. kate says:

      Go for it – I’ve got another down at the bottom of the garden which hardly ever gets visited. A location by something you visit all the time – compost bins, greenhouse, rubbish bins even – would be so much better.

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