Hooray! (I’m baaaaack….)


Got there, and many thanks to everyone for their suggestions and help with my WordPress problem. Phew. It made me realise one thing – how attached I have become to blogging. Addicted, moi?

And in the meanwhile, strange things have been happening in the garden…

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

Is it my Angelica gigas?

I hope so, I really hope so. Because if not, I’ve bought a triffid.  Watch this space…


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  1. Welcome back and glad to hear it’s stopped raining in the UK? Have they lifted the hosepipe ban yet?

    1. kate says:

      Good to be back in touch with everyone! Phew!

      Hmm – stopped raining but due to start again shortly, possibly with added thunderstorms. Temperature went up quite nicely, but I gather is due back to the seasonal delights of – oh, about 15 degrees. Portugal looks sooooooo tempting….

  2. paulinemulligan says:

    Yes, you have an angelica, but take care when it goes to seed, I am still pulling unwanted ones out of the border. Some come up with the purple leaves that I like, any green ones get dug out if I can. The flower heads are marvellous and enjoyed by loads of insects.

    1. kate says:

      Oh good – that’s a relief… I am looking forward to it flowering – I’ll keep an eye out for it seeding, too, as I quite fancy more of them. But there are limits!

  3. patientgardener says:

    Yes its your Angelica – they are wonderful to watch open. Enjoy

    1. kate says:

      I keep going and checking it out – closer, closer…

  4. Dobby says:

    It looks like a triffid to me!
    Welcome back. You have been missed.

    1. kate says:

      It was labelled as an Angelica gigas, but then it was in the knock-down sale section. Nah, the wonderful Fron Goch wouldn’t go foidsting triffids on people, even if they were in the sale.

      (It looked like nothing when I bought it, presumably why it was on sale – just a teeny bit of green showing. Go sale table!

      1. Dobby says:

        I went to Fron Goch last week and picked up 4 plants off the sale table. All are doing well (so far). And not a triffid in sight!

        1. kate says:

          Ah, you were the one who cleared it out, then! Hrrumpf!

  5. Crystal says:

    I agree with Dobby, it’s a triffid. I believe they look like nothing to start with, just a teeny bit of green, and then………

    1. kate says:

      Stop it NOW. Everyone else says it’s an Angelica gigas except Dobby. It’s an Angelica gigas, it’s an Angelica gigas, it’s an Angelica gigas…

  6. wellywoman says:

    Glad to see you’ve got everything working again. I know what you mean about being addicted. It’s a bit worrying really. I’m on twitter now as well … oh dear. It’s a bit like letting the genie out of the box.

    Never grown angelica, looks like it’s going to be a stunner!

    1. kate says:

      It’s wonderful – I knew I ‘liked’ blogging, but I’d no idea how frustrated I would get when it became problematical! I’m juts about to sort out a separate twitter account (my other is work, booooring), and then I’ll be tweeting away with the rest of you too. Or maybe I shouldn’t. Hm.

      I’m checking the angelica every day. Any minute now….

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