Wordless Wednesday

Second attempt!

(Drat – blown it already…)

Almost the last of the primulas, with a cowslip in the background. While photographing this, I spotted some rather ratty spotted leaves – and that means the Spotted Heath Orchids have survived the winter. Hopefully…

The wild crabs have been covered in blossom:

and the ferns are just unravelling nearby:

Athyrium nipponicum

and there are hardy geraniums, well G. macrorrhizum album, everywhere, and I mean everywhere (except for the other everywheres that are covered in Welsh poppies).

I love it – I adore hardy geraniums, and this one has lovely autumn colour too – but I’m going over the seventeen – yup – substantial plants I’ve got with shears before the ****** set seeds this year. And that’s seventeen after I gave some away (I did warn the recipient). This is the plant that was described in Trevor Bath and Joy Jones’ classic book on the subject as ‘one of the best ground-cover plants’. And pot-cover, and step-cover plants, too:

One day I’ll get the hang of this ‘wordless’ lark…


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. kate Post author

      Yes, let’s all go for Wordy Wednesdays instead!

      Only one of my other geraniums is in flower, and that’s just happened this morning – the Thug is always first. I just have to try and stop it smothering the others.

  1. Harriet

    Please don’t – I like the words! And hooray for geranium macrorrhizum. I have loads of other hardy geraniums but haven’t had this one for years. Must add it for filling in. My pheum, bought at Barnsley House when the great Rosemary Verey was alive, is flowering everywhere and covered with bees.
    Love the idea of a Wordy Wednesday.

    1. kate Post author

      Let’s start a campaign for a Wordy one (guess I just cannot shut up, sigh).

      I had a gorgeous pheum in my last garden and I’m not quite sure why I didn’t dig some of it up and move it. It was ‘the widow’ – dark, dark red/crimson – mmm.

  2. Janet/Plantaliscious

    I love your words- and your pictures. I have that geranium too, it is a good coloniser, I love that you can propagate it so easily – just yank up a bit of root and bung it in the ground. Not so fond of the smell of the foliage though.

    1. kate Post author

      I think the foliage smells even more like cat pee than flowering currant does (quite an achievement) – or maybe I’ve just had ‘visitors’ again…

  3. Juliet

    I love the idea of wordy Wednesdays – I don’t think I could possibly manage a wordless post – though I’d have trouble posting on a particular day as well …

    I have Geranium macrorrhizum white ness, which is very similar but much better behaved – no seedlings anywhere. Geranium nodosum whiteleaf, on the other hand, is happily seeding itself along the border, into my pots, and all over the patio. Ah well, you win some …

    1. kate Post author

      Go for it — there have to be lots of us who can’t post a pic without talking about it! I’m not sure I’ll manage every Wednesday, either (for some reason I’m having a work explosion, but I’m not complaining, not after the last 18 months)…

      I’ve just found a home for some of my G. macrorrhizum albums – a friend of mine is trying to green up what was, until recently, a building site. I’ve warned her…


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