Fritillary fortnight

We’ve had some wild weather, and yesterday I went out (yup, to cuddle daffodils – well, to shake excess water off them) and discovered that some of the fritillaries have been damaged too… sniff. And, unlike the daffs, once they are damaged they tend to stay damaged. So this year, I’ve had a good fortnight.

Some, mind you, are still sticking in there.

This is especially true of the shorter ones, which isn’t surprising. There are also a couple of clumps which are sheltered by hedges, and they are relatively intact as well. This has surprised me, as the Rosa rugosa hedges really haven’t filled out yet – but it’s a good indicator of the value of a hedge. I nearly said ‘any hedge’, but noooo.

I’m wondering if I dare move some of the more exposed plants. I think I’ll probably leave them where they are, as moving them would probably only attract mousy attention (they’re supposed to love fritillary bulbs, but I don’t think I’ve lost many – so far).

This is one of the oldest, most successful and earliest clumps in the garden. The albino fritillaries were unexpected, and I have quite a few now. I wouldn’t have said they were any different from the others (except in the obvious way, ho ho), as they seem just as strong / thick-stemmed / etc – but they are the ones which were most affected by the weather.

Oh well, they’d probably be going over now anyway. Ho hum – that’s gardening.


And now I must get on, especially as it isn’t raining but probably will be soon. I’m supposed to be weeding couch grass out of a herb bed – yeah, that’s really going to work – which is my least favourite job in the garden.

I’ve already wasted a ridiculous amount of time trying to patch up my split garden clogs by making Duck tape stick to plastic (it doesn’t). I can’t find my size in a bright colour anywhere, even online.

Displacement activity? What displacement activity?


13 thoughts on “Fritillary fortnight

  1. kilbournegrove

    Ooooh, I love frits, am trying to establish a very large clump of these as well, (obviously a fairly new garden). I used to walk through Kensington Gardens on my way to work, and they were grown in the rough grass, brilliant. Now I need them for my garden as well.

    1. kate Post author

      Good luck! I remembered frits from Nymans, and was overjoyed when a couple spontaneously appeared.. they’ve spread, and we’ve added more… I think about half of those failed to come up (mice, perhaps).

  2. Janet/Plantaliscious

    So sorry your frits are battered – they are so lovely though. Also sorry about your clogs – am hoping to find some at Malvern Spring show, but they do have to be a bright colour, not welly green.

    1. kate Post author

      Good luck with the clogs at Malvern… After an unfortunate broken clog plus visiting dog incident, I ordered some in green. Boooo.

  3. Harriet

    Beautiful, beautiful fritillaries – I can’t call them frits! I’ve not seen them growing in this part of the world and I associate them with the Cotswolds and Cheddar. I’ll have to look into that and try and get some established.

  4. Christina

    You are so lucky to be able to grow Fritillaries, i’ve never had a garden where they would grow. I remember seeing masses at Sissinghurst – still never mind I’ve enjoyed sharing yours, thank you. ….and this in answer to your comment to me (thanks for visiting) Christina

  5. Christina

    Hi again Kate, I find you are a new friend of Karen at Artist’s Garden, we are old friends (more than 20 years) so it was a real coincidence that you visited me.

    1. kate Post author

      Small world, or bydd bach as they say round me… I can’t remember how I found your blog – but it could have been through Karen’s, perhaps…

  6. Karen - An Artists Garden

    When Christina says more than 20 years – it is over 26 as my youngest son is 26 today and I am sure she probably remembers him being born – or certainly fed during some exams we were taking at the time!

  7. nellie

    Your yard/garden looks beautiful. I came here on Karen Hall’s recommendation I would like to follow it but I don’t see a place to follow without receiving email. Am I missing it?


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