I swear it happened overnight.

One day I had a few snowdrops, some odd flowers on the winter jasmine and that was it. The winter kale and leeks were doing fine, but there wasn’t a hint that I’d planted anything else. The next day I went out and zap – garlic. Stand still and you can almost see it grow.

Then I looked round.

There were snowdrops in abundance, scattered all over the place.

I have to try and resist the urge to photograph them individually, I love snowdrops so much. There are some very impressive snowdrop woods round here, and I would love to achieve the same effect (only without the heavy tree cover – I can’t suddenly provide large oaks; my apple trees will just have to do). But I don’t think I need to add any this year; they are bulking up nicely and we can soon split some of the larger clumps. I think P and I planted 150 three years ago, plus there was one small patch that was already here – and now there are thousands.

I had been worrying that the bad winter might have affected the early bulbs; perhaps it has – positively. Because the crocuses have also appeared, again in drifts.

Get the sun on these – it will shine eventually – and they will all open wide. I can’t wait… and there are even a few battered primroses. That settles it, it must be spring.

I shall start chitting the spuds and get my broad beans into pots. I don’t care if the weather forecast did mention the ‘s’ word. We’ve had our ration of snow for this year. Haven’t we?


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  1. Fingers crossed we have had our ration of snow this year, but it did snow at the end of February last year 😦

    I love primroses – and I would love to come and see them when they are all out

    1. kate says:

      I keep going out and staring at the sky… it’s cold enough, and you’re right, we often get some snow about now.

      But the primroses will survive, they always do. You must come up — the top garden is almost completely covered by them, and not just yellow P. vulgaris… someone must have planted primulas in the past and there are all sorts of pinks and reds, too.

  2. Joan says:

    Actually, I believe that if spring expresses itself in the form of garlic, then the word must be Pong, rather than ping. (Hee hee)

    1. kate says:

      Agh, why didn’t I see that coming???

  3. Ooooh, you have given me hope. I am trying to have thousands of snowdrops as well, and it is amazing that you have had such a great increase in three years. Last year I planted over 500, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. kate says:

      WOW! You certainly deserve to have nice big clumps – what a labour of love. I think we only planted about half that…

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