Nappies for dogs

Sun shining. Abandon fiddling with seeds. P comes to help me in the garden, with the lovely Midge.

Prune, prune, prune, squelch.

It’s just as well she’s cute (and that her owner is handy with a shovel). Hrumpf. Join my campaign now.


One thought on “Nappies for dogs

  1. Joan

    I am with you on the nappies for dogs theme.
    Enjoying the blogs and the photos – I particularly like the beans on your blus table, in the dappled light.
    If you want any crops that can be left for ages without any work or need to pick, I can recommend leeks and parsnips as they grow exceptionally well in your soil, and digging parsnips out after a frost is very satisfying in the winter months.


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