Oh the weather outside is not that frightful…


Well, it was frightful. It’s quite nice now, actually. But chilly. At this time of year there’s not a lot to be done outside, anyway.

All right, there are plenty of things. I don’t really have the excuse that I did ten days ago:

But even though the vegetable patch no longer looks as impossible as it did, it is quite hard to find the motivation to get out there and, quite literally, shovel shit. Well, shovel some well-rotted cow manure that I got from a local farmer.

It’s either that or going through seeds for this year.

Guess what won?

Best described as a no-brainer, I think (and the least said about that squash in the centre the better). So I spent a happy couple of hours selecting enough seeds to fill a vegetable patch roughly the size of Villandry, and then edited them down. And edited them down again.

And then I went through the tin of saved seed / seed left over from last year / seed scrounged from friends, and cut the list down again (I managed to omit this step last year, and ended up with a vast quantity and small pots of seedlings all over the house, many of which I had to give away; this really is not Villandry). I also decided to limit myself to a couple of seed companies, the wonderful Real Seeds and Franchi Sementi. The order has been placed.

So now there’s nothing for it. Oh well, maybe I won’t be able to find the shovel…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Good to know that even keen gardeners shirk chores! Will look forward to hearing more about progress of that seed order.

  2. Ruth says:

    You are indeed live and bookmarked! Well done Kate…I shall look forward to that interesting squash…baked…or maybe sliced and sauteed!

  3. Angie Moore says:

    Well done, Kate! Will be following with interest as one of our plans is to start a vegetable patch! We’ve got plenty of compost so will be following your blog with great interest.

  4. Annie, Harlech says:

    Inspiration to dib and dabble in the garden. Thank you.

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